How to Find the Best Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

So you have just purchased a new truck and realized that you need something to help protect your cargo. While there are certainly several options for truck bed covers, one of the most popular choices is a tonneau cover.

However, when searching the market, it can be overwhelming to decide on the right type of cover for your vehicle. The two most important considerations are the tonneau material and access style. With over 30 years of experience with truck parts and installations, we've put together a quick guide on how to find the best tonneau cover for your truck.

Tonneau Cover Materials

When deciding on the right tonneau cover for your truck, you will want to consider the various material options:


This material is commonly referred to as "soft" cover. Vinyl is a popular and budget-friendly option that provides a superior, weatherproof cover. This material comes in almost every type of cover that is on the market. 


This material is a lightweight choice with heavy-duty aluminum panels. Aluminum tonneau covers are generally made as folding or retractable covers and are wrapped in premium vinyl or hardened with a sleek matte black finish. They provide tough security and are easy to use.


Fiberglass is a stylish and durable material that is built to last. These types of bed covers can be matched exactly to the paint color of the truck and are one of the few completely waterproof options on the market. This material is usually only in certain styles such as hinged or retractable.  


The less common tonneau cover, the canvas material delivers durable, lightweight protection that stays safely in your budget. Used in roll-up and folding tonneaus alike, the canvas is easy to move for fast cargo access and stays securely open even when you are driving.

Styles of Tonneau Covers

After you have an idea of the type of material that will match your truck bed's needs, you will want to consider the style of tonneau cover to achieve the right look and feel of your vehicle:


This is one of the most common styles of tonneau covers (and for a good reason!). These truck bed covers come in a trifold that has three separate sections to allow the user to adjust the amount of access by simply folding over a section. This style gained popularity for its ease of use and ability to accommodate odd-shaped cargo. 

Roll Up

Similar to the folding tonneau style, roll up covers provide the same benefits of accessibility by simply rolling the cover towards the front of the truck bed. This is a favorable style for those that need more variance in the amount of spacing needed to accommodate carrying different types of cargo. 


The retractable tonneau cover simply withdraws itself into the bulkhead of the truck bed. The functionality is similar to the roll up style, but with a sleeker, dual-rail mechanism on each side of the truck bed. This style is popular for having more features such as remote-controlled retraction, enhanced security, and lighting systems.


The hinged tonneau style is a solid cover that is mounted and hinged at the bulkhead of the truck bed. This style is favorable for the ability to have the tonneau cover match the paint for an enhanced look. While this cover type provides full access to cargo it, unfortunately, it cannot accommodate oversize objects. 


Snap tonneau covers consist of an aluminum frame that clamps to the truck bed and a vinyl cover that snaps into the frame in bottoms. Snap covers are less common, but still provide the same amount of protection and cargo access as other tonneau bed covers. 

Which Cover Is Best For Your Truck?

Now that you know the tonneau covers that are available for your truck, you will want to consider your specific wants and needs. When we work with customers on choosing the right cover for their vehicle, we discuss factors such as:

  • Commercial or Personal use 

  • Weather Resistance 

  • Typical elements call for extra durability

  • How much access is needed in the truck bed 

  • The average size of what is being hauled 

  • Weather protection for cargo 

  • Security for expensive cargo 

  • Desired Features (remote control, lighting, etc.)

  • Appearance (matching paint) 

Still not sure what the best tonneau cover is for your truck bed? Our experienced team members are happy to assist you with finding the best fit! We have displays in our showroom with all of the styles and materials listed above.

We also provide competitively-priced and professional installations in our shop. Give us a call at (704) 799-9005 or chat with a team member now to schedule your next visit!

Which tonneau covers are you looking into? Let us know below!