What Is The Difference Between Spray-In Bed Liners and Drop-In Bed Liners?

Whether you are looking to replace your stock bed liner or your current one after years of wear and tear, when it comes to choosing the best material to protect your truck bed, there are two main options to choose from.

In this post, we will walk through the difference between spray-in bed liners and drop-in bed liners so you can make the right decision for your truck.

spray-in bed liner on pickup truck
Spray-in bed liners vs drop-in bed liners

What is a spray-in bed liner?

A spray-in bed liner creates a custom fit for your truck by applying a thick, durable material to the truck bed. This is a similar method to how the truck is painted, but with a slightly different technique.

Spray-in bed liners have several benefits, including:

  • Durability: The "spray" is a mixture of materials that contain high amounts of polyurethane that make it almost indestructible. This material is tough enough to handle just about any job that it faces.

  • Bed Longevity: Since the spray-in bed liner fits exactly to your bed, there are zero spaces or crevices. This makes it extremely durable to the elements since it does not allow anything to sit between the liner and the bed. 

  • Reduces Cargo Shift: Spray-in bed liners come in different textures that provide a sandpaper-like surface that helps keep a tight grip on your cargo. 

Before committing to installing a spray-in bed liner on your truck, there are a few factors you may want to consider. The main concern for customers is that is a fairly permanent installation. Although this is a low-maintenance bed liner, it is extremely difficult to remove. Also, due to the longevity and quality of the product, spray-in bed liners tend to hold a slightly higher cost than other bed liners.

What is a drop-in bed liner?

Drop-in bed liners are thick plastic molds that are made to the exact specifications of your truck bed and are applied by being bolted on top of the bed. 

Drop-in bed liners also have several benefits, including:

  • Removable: Drop-in liners can be easily removed when pieces are worn out or broken (or if you simply want to change out your bed liner). 

  • Cost Friendly: The price point of a drop-in bed liner is hard to match with several starting at just over $100.

When deciding if a drop-in bed liner is a good fit for your truck, you will want to consider if the appearance and surface material will work for your needs. Drop-in bed liners have a shiny appearance and slicker surface, which can cause lighter weight or loose items to potentially shift in transit. 

Which bed liner is right for your truck?

Spray-in and drop-in bed liners are both great options to protect your truck bed. The best option for your truck will depend on your transportation needs, budget, and the look you are trying to achieve.

Not sure which bed liner is best for your truck? Our team is ready to work with you to determine the right product for your truck bed - schedule your fitting appointment today!