Benefits of Window Tint

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Did you know that window tint does more for your vehicle than just reducing glare?

If you have been thinking about adding tint to your windows but are still on the fence, check out these other benefits of window tint that you may not have known about.

Blocks up to 99% of Harmful UV Rays  

Have you ever driven on a long road trip and noticed that your left arm might be burned the next day? This is likely due to your vehicle's stock glass not protecting you from the sun's harmful UV Rays.

A recent study found that front window glass on average provides 96% UV protection, while side window glass on average provides only 71% UV protection. While there is variance based on vehicle models, research also shows that adding window tint can provide up to 99% UV protection. This is a huge benefit to keeping you and your family's skin healthy while on the road.  

Protects Vehicle Interior  

The same harmful UV rays that the sun puts on your skin also damages your vehicle's interior. Over time, the UV rays cause the vinyl and leather to fade and crack. This is due to the UV rays drawing the moisture from these materials. Most of the oils that the UV extracts from these materials cannot be replenished by conditioners, especially in leather materials. We find that prevention is always the best protection.  

Keeps Vehicle Cool  

Speaking of leather seats, have you ever sat inside your vehicle and felt a sizzle on your back that makes you (literally!) jump out of the seat?

Window tinting helps cool your vehicle down on hot days, creating a more comfortable experience for you and your passengers. Window tint can block up to 97% of variable light transmission (VLT) - the amount of light is let inside by the glass. The more shade you have, the cooler your vehicle will be.

Enhanced Security and Privacy 

Vehicle theft occurs frequently in the United States (once every 6.5 minutes to be exact!). At that rate, most vehicles are susceptible to theft at one point or another. Oh, and the leading cause of vehicle theft? Not hiding valuables!

Adding window tint not only helps keep the sun getting in from the outside, but others trying to look in as well.  

The benefits of window tint not only protect your vehicle, but allow for you to enjoy a cool, comfortable ride every time. We are proud to carry and install LLumar Window Tint at our shop - schedule your next visit online to grab yours!

Already have it installed? Let us know what you love about your window tint below!